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2020 Ford Bronco Teased and a Hybrid Version is in the Works

Ford made several announcements about its plans for the next few years. Among other things, we learned that the Explorer ST is officially happening, the upcoming Mach 1 electric SUV will have more than 300 miles of range, and Lincoln will show off a new Aviator SUV at this year’s New York Auto Show. But the most interesting information had to do with the new Bronco.

We’ve known for a while that the Bronco would go on sale in 2020, one year after the U.S.-market Ranger it will be based on. But beyond that, Ford hasn’t had much to say. Now, though, we learned that a hybrid version is officially happening. That doesn’t mean the Bronco will only be available as a hybrid, but until now, a hybrid Bronco was only a rumor.

When the new Bronco finally does go on sale, don’t expect it to be a hardcore rock crawler aimed squarely at the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. According to Jim Farley, head of global markets, Ford plans to position it as more of a Raptor-like desert runner. From the sound of it, the Bronco will still be a capable off-roader. It will just be more of an indirect competitor for the Wrangler.

Ford also announced plans for a smaller, still-unnamed off-roader. Expect it to be about the same size as an Escape and look a lot like the shadowy rendering shown above. Since it was just announced, we know even less about this mini-Bronco than we do about the real thing. But based on what we can see, it looks like an appropriately boxy little off-roader.

“Ford helped start the off-road phenomenon and has majored in off-road capability for decades—from the Bronco to the Raptor,” said Farley in a statement. “Now, we’re ready to reclaim our rightful place as the off-road vehicle leader.”

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