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Browser maker Opera has filed to go public

Norway-based company Opera Ltd. has filed for an initial public offering in the U.S. According to its F-1 document, the company plans to raise up to $115 million. In 2017, Opera generated $128.9 million in operating revenue, which led to a net income of $6.1 million. While many people are already ...

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The electric aircraft is taking off

Evan Gaj is a mechanical engineering graduate from LeHigh University currently on a Fulbright Scholarship in Warsaw studying drones. In 2008, the electric motor vehicle experienced a rebirth triggered by a rise in oil prices. Now in 2018, it is the time for another rebirth — in electrical aviation. Over ...

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Everything You Want to Know About the Chevrolet Blazer

After a long hiatus, Chevrolet is bringing back the Blazer in the U.S. No longer a body-on-frame SUV, the Blazer is now a midsize crossover that will compete with the likes of the Ford Edge and Nissan Murano. In honor of the Blazer’s return, we take a look back at ...

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Sonos files to raise up to $100M in IPO

Smart speaker maker Sonos has filed to go public. In the filing, the company says it’s aiming to raise up to $100 million in the IPO. However, that number may simply be a placeholder, or it could change as the IPO approaches. Sonos says that as of March 31, it’s ...

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Castbox turns to blockchain to help podcasters get paid

Late last month, Castbox introduced Contentbox, an attempt help podcast hosts and producers make some actual money off their product. It’s been something of an on-going struggle since the dawn of the medium. Longtime listeners no doubt recognize all the trends after fast forwarding through their 10,000th Casper mattress read. ...

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Chevrolet Bolt Production Gets a 20 Percent Boost

Great news for Chevrolet Bolt fans—the Bow Tie plans to increase production by more than 20 percent thanks to strong U.S. and global demand. The Bolt, with its EPA-estimated 238-mile range, and 128 city/110 highway MPG-e is a popular people mover with plenty of pep and pizzazz. Chevy’s Bolt starts ...

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