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Sure looks like China has a ship-mounted railgun

Ever since Eraser, everyone wants a railgun. Turns out China is no exception. Some photos posted by Dafeng Cao, a Twitter user who keeps close tabs on Chinese military developments, show a ship-mounted gun that could very well be the country’s very own homegrown electromagnetically propelled mass driver. Railguns, or ...

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Tesla is Helping Its Customers Build On-Site Charging Ports

Nine major companies have placed reservations for Tesla’s new semi truck, which the automaker plans to start producing in 2019. That is, of course, if the automaker can overcome teething problems in production better than it has with the Model 3. At any rate, Tesla is helping its customers build on-site ...

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Cisco invests AU$1m in Adelaide smart city trials

(Image: Cisco) Cisco has announced that it will be investing AU$1 million in a pilot of smart city technology in Adelaide under a partnership with the South Australian government and the City of Adelaide. The pilot, which runs between January 29 and February 3, will make use of its new ...

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iPhone sales disappoint despite all the hype

Apple’s Q1 2018 results are out, and the numbers point to Apple’s mighty iPhone cash generating machine might be starting to run out of steam. Must read: How to tell if your iPhone battery needs replacing Sales of 77.3 million units makes this Apple’s second best iPhone quarter to date, ...

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I spent the morning playing with the Nintendo Labo

Labo is peak Nintendo. It’s strange, it’s innovative, it’s pretty silly and it’s completely unexpected. As longtime PR rep David Young told us during a quick chat at today’s event, “when people think we’re going to zig, we zag.” Nintendo Labo is Maximum Zag. We spent most of the morning ...

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Protecting your business from cyber threats

Jim Carnes is the chief security architect at Ciena, where he is responsible for evaluating emerging trends in IT security and next-generation security capabilities. It’s Friday afternoon (it always happens on Friday afternoon) and the phone rings — there’s a breach. Your internet provider has called and malware associated ...

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