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BREAKING: 2018 Ford Mustang Revealed

Say hello to the 2018 Ford Mustang. Over the weekend, leaked video footage of the refreshed Ford Mustang made the rounds on the internet. In case you missed it, you can check it out below as well as see some of the first official photos of the face-lifted Ford Mustang. FoMoCo ...

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Deliver My Ride delivers another car buying service

Deliver My Ride, a new car buying site from the new firm MadDog Technology, is the latest to offer a car buying service without the buyer having to visit the dreaded dealership. Deliver My Ride made the interesting choice to be website only so far; there is no smartphone app. Users ...

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Evernote attempts to simplify with its new iOS app

Did anyone really love the Evernote mobile app? No? Well, good news then: the company is giving it another crack today, introducing what it hopes will be a simpler, more efficient tool to help you record your ideas, as well as search through and organize your Evernote content. As a ...

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Here’s what we know about the Nintendo Switch

What? The Nintendo Switch, the convertible console formally known as the NX. The product walks the line between a home and portable console, courtesy of a docking tablet and a pair of detachable controllers that work in a number of different configurations. It also features out-of-the-box multiplayer functionality, connecting up ...

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Lumo opens up its backend technology to third-party providers

As the fitness wearables market continues to climb, Lumo Bodytech, a startup making wearables focused on things like running and posture, has decided to further business revenue by licensing its platform. Lumo, valued at $41 million according to Pitchbook, now plans to open up its proprietary tech stack — including software, ...

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