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Your next iPhone could easily cost over $1,000

Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone — rumors are currently split on whether this will be called the iPhone 8 or iPhone X — is going to do more than push the boundaries of technology. It’s also going to push the boundaries of your budget. Must read: Does your iPhone have a ...

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Would you buy an iPhone if Apple doubled the price?

Image: David Gewirtz’ dark and disturbing nightmares At $651, the average price of an iPhone is well above the worldwide $208 average cost of an Android smartphone. Last year, my wife and I bought two top-of-the-line 128GB iPhone 6s Plus models, along with AppleCare. We knew what we were getting ...

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OLED iPhone 8 will be an expensive gamble for Apple

Image: CNET As the iPhone approaches being 10 years old, Apple is looking to inject some “Wow!” into its smartphone line with a high-end OLED iPhone 8. But for Apple it’s an expensive gamble. Must read: Apple won’t do what’s needed to save the iPad The Internet of Things 10 ...

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