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Delphi and Transdev to develop global on-demand driverless transportation

Dance cards are filling up for the coming autonomous driving revolution: The newest partners are Delphi and Transdev, who are joining forces to create an automated, on-demand mobility systems, with a service offering set to make its debut via pilot projects in France, and then to eventually expand eventually to global reach.

Delphi will be bringing its automated driving platform to the mix, which it’s creating in partnership with Mobileye; meanwhile, Transdev is a recognized leader in mobility network operation, and already works with public transit authorities around the word, including rams, light rail, buses, ferries, and more recently, autonomous vehicles. Transdev boasts 83,000 employees, and operates 40,000 vehicles across 19 countries across all five continents – so even if it’s new to you (as it was to me), they’ve got positioning in the industry that few can claim to match.

This is one of the most ambitious of the currently announced autonomous mobility service projects, since both Delphi and Transdev are stating up front that they want to eventually have a global footprint with their offering. The companies are also going to be working on getting pilot projects operating very quickly.

Transdev is already started work on an autonomous on-demand service pilot in Normandy (depicted in the video below), and this will give it and Delphi the chance to test all aspects of the planned platform, from dispatch to sensor fusion and intelligence. This will be open to members of the public from project outset, and will provide public transport where there isn’t currently an option available today.