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Free to iPhone, iPad, Mac users: Apple is now giving away its iWork and iLife apps


Apple’s move to make the software free will help users with older hardware or who’ve deleted apps bundled with new hardware purchases.

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Apple has made its iWork productivity suite, as well as iMovie and GarageBand, for iOS and macOS devices free.

The Apple-made apps that are now free to download include iWork apps Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, rivals to Microsoft’s Office suite and Google Docs. Apple’s two remaining iLife apps, GarageBand and iMovie, are also free.

The new price drop is unlikely to change much for owners of newer Apple hardware. Apple has included each of the iWork apps for free with every iOS device that was activated at or after September 2013 and free for Mac hardware activated on or after October 2013.

However, customers with devices that were older than these cut-off dates would have to pay for the apps.

The former price for iWork apps was $20 each for Macs, and $10 for the iOS versions, while Garage Band and iMovie for Mac cost $5 and $15, respectively.

Apple has published a document outlining how customers can install the free apps. It’s intended for customers with older hardware or those who’ve deleted apps that were bundled with new hardware purchases.

MacRumors, which first reported the price drop, notes the change makes Apple’s software pricing less confusing for consumers with older hardware. The price change also applies to all customers.

Apple has also published a new document for customers on its Volume Purchase Program such as educational institutions and business, which are now being offered “free managed distribution copies” of the apps.

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