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Sort of New Ford Bronco Co-Stars with The Rock in Upcoming Movie

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted a photo of himself and his co-star Naomi Harris with a silver Ford Bronco concept vehicle recently on Instagram.

If it looks familiar, the futuristic Bronco is a concept SUV from 2004 and will make its big screen debut in next year’s action adventure flick titled “Rampage.”

The movie is based on the 1980’s arcade game of the same name and is about three massive mutated monsters destroying cities while on — you guessed it — a rampage.

Ford finally announced the return of the Bronco after a long hiatus at this year’s Detroit auto show, but did not provide a new concept image for fans.

Earlier this year, Joe Hinrichs, Ford global operations honcho, has said the upcoming SUV will be “true to its heritage” and that “you’ll recognize it as a Bronco,” but would not confirm whether it would have two or four doors.

Regarding the concept vehicle featured in the upcoming film, Ford tells Fox News “it does not represent the future Bronco beyond sharing the iconic Bronco name.”

While the all-new Bronco is expected for 2020, it and the upcoming U.S. Ranger will be body-on-frame vehicles based on the T6 platform that was engineered in Australia.

The movie is expected to open in the spring of 2018. Hopefully we will see an official updated Bronco from Ford before then.

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