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Watch GM unveil the $80,000 GMC Hummer EV right here

Apple has had a history of camera firsts with the iPhone and this year itu2019s Dolby Vision. Both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro record Dolby Vision in up to 4K.u00a0n

The iPhone 12 Pro can record 4k/60fps in HDR Dolby vision, but the iPhone 12 is limited to 4k/30fps in HDR. Hereu2019s a screenshot of the modes and megabytes from the iPhone 12 Prou2019s settings app. ""n

10-bit HDR brings an expanded range of exposure and color possibilities for those that want to shoot extremely high quality video on an iPhone. Apple continues to use its home grown silicon to flex its video chops here. Processing over 50mb/s of 10-bit HDR video and then being able to edit it on device is pretty insane. In every day use, the iPhone 11 shoots pretty great video already.u00a0n

Iu2019m going to be flat out honest with you: the vast majority of iPhone users will never even be able to access HDR footage or workflows, and will never ever need this. If you do most of your video shooting on an iPhone and then share directly to social networks or in Messages, HDR will likely bring you no major benefit. The iPhone 12 shoots pretty amazing right out of the camera 4k footage in 30 and 60 fps.u00a0n

However! If you shoot in demanding situations, and are among those who use the iPhone as a real filmmaking tool or simply love video as a hobby — you are in for a treat. In my testing, the iPhone 12 delivers a wider color gamut with an insane range of exposure. It retained detail in normally clipped highlights, displayed the ability to capture deep blacks with a real lack of crushing and blocking and was super forgiving in the edit bay.u00a0n

This analogy is not precisely accurate, but the loose idea here is the same as shooting stills in RAW vs. letting the camera handle the processing. If you shoot RAW, you have more information to play with, but by default the image often starts out looking worse to some degree because it requires that you, the shooter, make choices about it. Thatu2019s the burden that the ISP in the iPhone takes on for you, it makes the adjustments to get your video looking good right out of the camera.n

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