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​Corvil's network analytics to plug into Cisco's Tetration platform

Corvil, a company that focuses on streaming network data for security, IT and business analytics, said it will integrate with Cisco’s Tetration platform.

Announced at Cisco Live, Corvil said it will feed flow-based information to the Tetration analytics platform. Corvil analyzes real-time L2-L7 packet data for insights. Corvil’s approach utilizes network traffic to gauge IT and business health while Cisco’s AppDynamics grabs insights from application flows.

Cisco updates Tetration analytics platform, aims to automate security policies | Cisco wants to monitor everything in your data center, launches Tetration Analytics

For Corvil, based in Dublin, the Cisco partnership will broaden exposure to the company. Corvil’s business is based on understanding complicated hybrid environments as well as multiple applications. Corvil’s analytics are also used for security purposes. Corvil also recently launched an integration with Splunk.

Corvil’s tools are used for trading, IT and security. Customers include Morgan Stanley, Nasdaq, CenturyLink and BT to name a few. Here’s a screen of a Corvil dashboard.


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