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Mid-Engine Chevrolet Corvette Prototype Spied Near the Drive-Thru

When you pull into McDonald’s, there’s a decent chance you’ll see some Mustangs and Camaros. And you probably wouldn’t think much about it if you saw a GMC Sierra Denali or a Cadillac CTS. But what if you ran into not one but two mid-engine Corvette prototypes? Well, that’s exactly what happened to the Detroit reader who sent in these shots.

We can’t confirm whether or not these test drivers were on the hunt for some Szechuan sauce after a long, rainy day testing Chevrolet’s upcoming mid-engine supercar. But based on what we’ve seen in previous spy shots, we’re almost certain the car you see here is a mid-engine Corvette. As you can see, the prototype is accompanied by a small fleet of General Motors SUVs, and in the background, you can see a current Corvette right next to yet another mid-engine prototype.

And despite the heavy camouflage, you can still see some clear Corvette design cues on the front end. The roof looks to be a double-bubble design like we saw on this prototype undergoing cold-weather tests alongside what we believe is a ZR1. Plus, if you compare this car’s exhaust tips to the ones on this newer mid-engine prototype, they both have a similar squared-off design.

What we haven’t seen before, though, are the wheels. None of the previous prototypes we’ve caught testing had the same five-spoke design. Perhaps those are the production wheels? If so, we’ll probably find out sometime next year before it reportedly goes on sale in 2019.

Photo Credit: Jake Vandermoon

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